RG EVENTI - wholesale supplier Gian Riccardo Raguso

Country: Italy
Phone: +39 080 4839225
Fax: +39 080 4839227
E-mail: info@rgeventi.com
Website: www.gianriccardoraguso.it
Brands: Gian Riccardo Raguso

Our company is RG EVENTI we are based in Martina Franca in the south of Italy near Bari in Apulia, we produce a men’s clothes branded GIAN RICCARDO RAGUSO.

The brand Gian Riccardo Raguso was founded in 1995 by the need to contextualize a new line of clothing by the Italian-influenced. Clothes and accessories with a strong masculine character cover a wide range of garments ranging from the ceremony collection to a daily total look with coordinated accessories.

Elegance, creativity and quality Made in Italy, together with the form that has always characterized the brand, re-interpret the needs of the dress man code, with an personal inspired tailoring formula.

Essential elements which differentiate the product are the complete customization, the originality of the clothes and the attention to fashion that blend in our collection, mixing shapes and fabrics, treatments and washes through quality materials, tailoring care and details.

The speed in design and manufacturing of the garments, containing the price without ever compromising the quality of fabrics and facon made ​​in Italy, represent the essence and image of our brand.

Our exhibition you can conclude favorable contracts with wholesale supplier Gian Riccardo Raguso and buy new collection Gian Riccardo Raguso wholesale.

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